Distribution Containers

Distribution containers are specially designed to serve as distribution containers. These storage boxes with lids are made plastic to work as the vehicle to distribute something. When something is packed in them, they become air tight and can safely move about the place to place. Large plastic storage containers are widely used for the distribution of the food products, bakery items or something which is required to be preserved and transferred.


We, at the garageshelvinguk.uk, have distribution boxes which is made with grey polypropylene plastic. Their specific nature to stack on each other is unique which helps them to become a heap which can be distribute from one location to other.


These containers are provided with grooves on the bottom and top which can be used to fix and fit them with each other on one another. The grooves help them to fit with each other and while the heap of few distribution containers can be moved altogether.


In majority of the cases, these distribution containers are used with dividers and the bottles of the liquids and packed inside them are moved. Mostly used by the distributors of beer, liquors, colas or light drink, the distributors deliver and distribute a whole container at instance. The used and empty bottles are placed in the same container and are collected back by the distributors.


The height, weight and depth of the typical boxes are varying but one example is 120 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm with 21 Liter capacity. The capacity may range up to liters per container.


To provide exceptionally good customer service, we ensure it as our typical policy to dispatch the ordered product in the specified quality to your destination within the United Kingdom, promptly, safely and swiftly. The maximum time set for the dispatch is 24 hours.

Distribution Containers

  1. Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made

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    Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made

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    Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made